Helicopter Incident in Florida




First responders are responding to a helipad after an individual was decapitated by a helicopter. The helicopter was a Bell 222. Once I hear more about the individual and the investigation I’ll share more


I’m seeing this right? Decapitated…by a helicopter?


Yes, that’s what happened


Yikes… That is not good. Lets see how this develops.


Oh geez. Mattheus’ Aviation news special report here we come!


From what it sounds like the individual was killed in front of the helicopter.

This was a Bell 230 involved in the incident as seen here (Not the actual helicopter)


…yikes. I don’t even know what to make of that…how unfortunate! :(


Ouch… it’s hard for me to think about what happened without cringing or grimacing… I hope for the best.


Wow that’s shocking…I’m at a loss for words


Tell me about it specially as a helicopter is taxiing and that happens. Never a good site .


Just thinking about it gives me pretty bad images. Imagine being there…


Yeah the video shots were not pretty…


This is not good… Not a very pleasant way to be killed. I do want to know how his head and the blade made contact, the spinning thing on top should be far enough from your head.


There’s about a 12ft clearance, and then when it’s lowered it’s about 8ft from what a friend of mine who flew 222/230s says


Did he jump? Nobody is 8ft.


Whoa, heavy news tonight. Um, here is an article, talking about the tragic incident. With some images.

Feel free to look up other articles.


That is extremly disturbing.


Not sure, curious see what happens


That just sounds straight up nasty, wouldn’t wanna be there.


Dang. I feel bad. Like really bad.