Helicopter Flying handbook latest addition - The Vuichard Recovery Technique

Flying helicopters we are taught many ways the machine can kill you. One of the ways is the Vortex Ring State. So before we talk about the recovery we need to understand what is Vortex Ring State, or VRS?

Vortex ring state, in which airflow is upward on the inner blade section, producing a secondary vortex in addition to the normal wingtip vortices. Turbulent airflow results and loss of rotor efficiency. If allowed to continue, uncommanded pitch and roll oscillations may occur, with a large descent rate.

So when do we enter Vortex Ring State? Typically when we’re in an out of ground hover affect and we don’t have enough power to pull to keep us in the air. We began to decend into our downwash with no airspeed. Here’s a fantastic video of VRS

So how do we recover from VRS? Get into clean air, we’re taught to fly forward and get air flowing over the rotor blade. Another technique which the FAA just published in the Helicopter flying handbook is the Vuichard Recovery Technique!
This is how its properly done! Enjoy!


After reading quite a few accident reports and speaking with pilots I understand that helicopters can be a bit of a handful. Small margins compared to fixed wing imho.

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There’s a book called Fatal Trap for Helicopter pilots, totally recommend everyone reading it. Its every you can kill yourself in a helicopter.

I’ll message you the saying I was taught when I first began flying.


Sounds very vortex-y.

I’ve been on a helicopter a fair few times, and I must say the best place to go on one is in New York! 😍

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