Helicopter Flight!


Well originally was schedule to go fly a BO-105 down to the States yesterday, unfortunately that didn’t happen. So why not take something smaller out!?

Here’s shots of us heading to Palmer, Alaska with the R22 and a friend!


😍😍😍😍😍 Mark in the beautiful scenery! What a hottie!


mark back at it again!! Amazing shots!! Keep it up!


I try be a hottie, OH You’re talking about the scenery?! Yeah it is!


Gotta stay current until April!


I was talking bout the colab the two put together is 🔥😍🔥😍🔥😍


Alright you lost me Colab? lol


Very nice high quality photos and mountain view are the best!


Nothing like raw , wild nature! Great captures there !


Flying in Alaska is nice, but so ready for the chance!


Collaboration with you and the scenery


haha! Thank you!


Amazing, I wish I could ride in helicopters.


If you’re ever in Alaska, Washington or going attend Orlando this year let me know!


Okay now you’re just showing off mark, fabulous photos 👌😄


Some one asked why I wanted to be a pilot, and I said to ask the peasants where their helicopters are, so where’s yours? lol!


And I thought New Zealand had good views…


A lot of places around the world does!


Haha yeah, I was just kidding 😉


Lol It’s okay to be jealous!