Helicopter crash in Israel

So, you’d may say “it happens a lot” but what if I have the video?
So, this helicopter belongs to the Israeli electricity company, it was fixing some cables in the eastern side of Israel and suddenly crashed. Look at the video

Really another one i mean really i mean really another air crash when will it end

but seriously a little more info need to put in

Umm, it happened one hour ago

You film this?

1hr ago!!! i was in my house then

That was a accident waiting to happen so much risk involved theres other not as dangerous ways to fix electricity lines.

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No, it’s not me, I’ve just put it in my YouTube because I can’t send videos over here (don’t worry… No credits were taken… You can see that just with the link)

This is one reason why I personally don’t want to go do powerline patrols. The pilots who do it have my most respect for flying that close to wires and pulling them.