Helicopter at work - 2018 Summer!

With all the different work we’re doing, I thought it’d be pretty cool share pictures of our 2018 summer season!
Through out the 2018 summer season I’ll update this of new pictures!

All pictures are of my company’s Helicopters and Fix Wing at work.

Who doesn’t love being picked up by Helicopter at their lodge?

Pilot Extraordinaire Nate Englund and Dave McKnight flew our Bell206L3 and Bell206L4 to one of Alaska’s many lodges.

We’re halfway through our week! With our helicopters all across the State being busy. Pilot Extraordinaire Nathan Englund, and Dave McKnight returning last night!

Our very own Pilot Extraordinaire Brock Nelson teaching a class on helicopters performance to the 2018 Advanced Fire Fighter Academy. This year Brock, along with our Eagle Single Engine 212 is based in McGrath to support fires!


Happy Monday all! We’re flying in the final week of June with one of our Bell 206’s, We hope you have a great week!

Here is a fun “Where’s Waldo” picture from pilot extraordinaire Nate Englund during his trip across Kachemak Bay with the State of Alaska Parks group.
Wishing you a great weekend in your world!

Smokey the Bear with our AS350B3, Pilot extraordinaire Angela Wright and Mechanic extraordinaire Jessie Kirby! Special thanks to Rachael Calderwood of Tok for this picture!

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” - Dr Emmett Brown said it best in Back to the Future, Well, where we’re going, we don’t need runways! Today is Mail day for Little Diomede Island, Pilot Extraordinaire Zack Ard bringing our Bell 412 into the Island!

Photo credit: Yavik Ahkinga from Little Diomede.

The Eagle Single reporting for duty. This picture was taken by Mechanic Extraordinaire Jesse Kirby in May while our Eagle Single was awaiting its marching orders. #firefighting

Pathfinder is staying busy this summer including fighting fires! One of our two Bell 212s out on a beautiful day in Aniak, thanks to Pilot Extraordinaire Abi Seaver for this picture!

Down here in Homer we had amazing weather this weekend. Here is a photo from a Glacier Tour we did yesterday.

I’m sorry for the social media silence, this girl has been swamped! That doesn’t stop Pathfinder from doing awesome things though! Here is a photo shoot of pilot extraordinaire Michael Brandau doing some bucket training on our fire contract in a Bell212HP. Happy Wednesday!
(I have several other people helping with our company Social Media account, I did not write this)

Photos of our origin- utility work! These are from a recent job near the Gulf of Alaska. We were aiding scientists in a bear study. Thanks to pilot extraordinaire, Mike Grover for the photos!

Ready for the fire season! Photo by mechanic extraordinaire Carmelo Rodriguez who keeps that big bird flying!

The summer season began for us this week with our Bell 212 on the North Slope of Alaska. It’s always fun to type “summer” on a description of a picture with snow everywhere but I assure you this is the start of summer in the far North! Thank you to pilot extraordinaire, Matt Golding for the snapshot!

Our summer season is starting! Brock Nelson and our Eagle Copters Ltd. “Eagle Single” are leaving Merrill Field today for more remote pastures. Good luck to you-see you in September! Thanks to mechanic extraordinaire Jesse Kirby for the photo.

Our Bell 212HP and our Single Engine 212 out enjoying a sunny day at our Anchorage location!


If only I could fly it in infinite flight…


Adding rotary into the mix would be fun. Especially for the newer users learning and ATC trying to control! 🤣


Awesome, I’m really loving these pictures!

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“LAX tower helicopter 532JR ready to depart taxiway Whiskey for the East Highway departure”

“Helicopter 532JR, clear to take off… he’s gone”

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It’s easy for you, you’re qualified! But you’ll most likely get some new guy trying to taxi to the runway or just skipping over the tops of the planes tails!

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I wish they had these in Infinite Flight

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If IF introduced rotorwings I would start an IF Flight school and train pilots here

Nice flights and mountains!

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Ya know you are in alaska when summer begiens with what looks to be a considerable amount of snow. (I presume it is on a glacer or mountain but still…) That would be alot of snow period in Pittsburgh!

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Everyone should vote for helicopters!


New picture added!!!

Alaska is such a gorgeous place. Nice photos

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New picture added again! =)

Anndd two new pictures added! =D

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