Helicopter at work - 2018 Summer! Pt 2

With all the different work we’re doing, I thought it’d be pretty cool share pictures of our 2018 summer season!
Through out the 2018 summer season I’ll update this of new pictures!

All pictures are of my company’s Helicopters and Fix Wing at work.

Snapshot of our Tok fire ships- Bell 212HP and B3 Astar. Fires have been slow up here, unlike the lower 48 but these choppers are ready! Thanks to mechanic extraordinaire Carmelo Rodriguez for the photo.

#Throwback with two of our Nikiski Based Helicopters, while this is a picture taken a while back, the weather down there today is beautiful!


Happy Monday all, and happy 1st day of July!
While our helicopters are busy flying, our Cessna 206 is also staying busy flying out of our Homer base.
Thanks Scott Dickerson for this shot!


Who doesn’t love being picked up by Helicopter at their lodge?
Pilot Extraordinaire Nate Englund and Dave McKnight flew our Bell206L3 and Bell206L4 to one of Alaska’s many lodges.


Nice pictures mark, hopefully we will see helicopters in infinite flight as im sure there is LOTS of people who want it in infinite flight rather than it being neglected.


Me too @James_Browne one day!
Also new picture up! =D

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