Heli Expo 2020 Thread, Day Six (Last day on the Floor!)

We are finally here at my favorite event of the year, Its Heli Expo!! What can we expect from 2020 Heli Expo?!

The biggest news is right now is the Era/Bristow merge becoming the largest helicopter operator in the world! Another is the latest Bell 525 and rumor has it that Bell helicopters will be announcing the certification which Bell has been chasing after for years
Today was day one of the fly in. This year is getting super exciting! Here’s the first round of Heli Expo fly ins, I’ll be updating through out the week of huge announcements! This year Heli Expo is being held in California.

(I have permission to share 15 photos on this thread)
All photos are owned by Skip Robinson!

The Bell 525, owned by Bell Helicopters (EXPERIMENTAL)

The Airbus H225 owned by Firecat

The Sikorsky S70 Firehawk owned by San Diego County, this is their first Firehawk

The Subaru Bell 412EXP, owned by Subaru, yes there is now Subaru pilots…

The AH-1 Cobra owned by the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation

The Bell 212, owned by Red Rain Aviation

The Airbus H125, owned by San Bernardino County

The Airbus H145, owned by Airmedics

The Sikorsky S76, owned by Sikorsoky

The Bell 429, owned by Bell Helicopters

The Bell 407, owned by Air Center Helicopters

The Bell 505, owned by Bell Helicopters

The Airbus H175, owned by Transportes Aereos Pegaso.

The cute little R-22!

The August Westland AW139!


Cool helicopters I’m guessing you went there

No I can’t make it this year going try next year

Should this go in #real-world-aviation:spotting?

The San Diego helicopter… Is it for putting out fires, or for medical transport? It says both fire-rescue on it so I don’t know…

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No since this is a thread about heli expo 2020, we’re underway a week away!

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It has a fire tank on it and can be fitted For fires and it’s for SAR operations!

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No way that’s so cool! Anything like this?😂😂

Sort of! Instead it of a bucket it has a tank where it sucks water up the Skycrane do this with their tanks

Ok that’s even cooler!!! Thanks for the video!

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We are getting closer to show day! What can we expect?

Era Aviation and Bristows discussion on their news breaking merger, Leonardo will be celebrating about the 119 trainer win, beating Bell and Sikorsky for a military contract, hopefully will bring the demo machine!

HAI’s newest CEO Jim Viola what an exciting week so far!


Heres who all flew in, an Airbus H145 owned by San Diego Gas and Electric Co, a UH60 owned by Coulson Aviation, An Airbus H125 owned by LR Helicopters, An Airbus H125 owned by Rainier Heli International, A UH60 owned by High Performance Helicopters, a privately owned R44 Raven II, a privately owned R44 Cadet, a UH60 owned by BHI two, A Bell 206L4 owned by Universal Helicopters, a R44 privately owned, a R44 owned by Cameron Balloon, A Bell 407 owned by University of Utah, A Bell HH-1N owned by Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Department, an Airbus H125 owned by Los Angeles Police Department. (Photo of these machines similar machines can be seen in the original post)

A Leonardo AW169 owned by County of Travis

A Bell 206L4 owned by SUU University

A Bell UH-1V owned by Pinal County

A Bell 429 owned by Bell Helicopters

A OH-58 owned by Washoe County

An Airbus H120 owned by Airbus UK

A MD369FF owned by Fresno County Sheriffs Department

Era/Bristows’s Leonardo AW169


HAI 2020 Helicopter Identification chart released!!

Here’s your 2020 helicopter identification chart


That looks so awesome 😍

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Set up is taking place!!


From Airbus: The wait is almost over! The Helicopter Association International Heli-Expo starts tomorrow. Come visit us at booth 3432 at Anaheim Convention Center in California. #HaiExpo20 https://lnkd.in/eS5n4sz

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We are on the very first official day at Heli Expo! Money is flowing, contracts are being made. And In a huge announcement Leonardo has bought the Swedish company Kopter, creator of the upcoming light single SH09, for $185 million, plus an “earn-out mechanism” tied to certain milestones over the life of the program!

In a press release announcing the move, Leonardo said Kopter’s competencies would boost future developments towards more disruptive technologies, mission capabilities and performances, including innovative hybrid/electrical propulsion solutions.

The acquisition, which is expected to close in the first quarter of 2020, will replace Leonardo’s current plans to develop a new single engine helicopter.

“We are proud to welcome this innovative company as an integral part of our world-leading helicopter business,” said Gian Piero Cutillo, managing director of Leonardo Helicopters. “It complements perfectly our existing product portfolio adding a promising rotorcraft that will greatly benefit from our industrial know-how, service and training experience and commercial network.”

Kopter CEO Andreas Löwenstein said the company was “very excited” to have the financial backing of Leonardo. “Within Leonardo, we get the support to finalize our development on various fronts while keeping the ability to remain the agile single-engine pioneer that we are.”

Kopter is still chasing after the SH09 certification in this move!

Norwegian Oil companies buys the Bell 525!

This company will be the first Norwegian company to operate the 525, at a cost of 15 Million dollars!

Erickson Helicopter announces new line of Skycranes!!

Erickson Helicopters has just announced the newest production of the S-64, the S-64F+!

The press release

Erickson Incorporated, a worldwide leading operator, maintainer, and manufacturer of utility aircraft, has announced at Heli Expo, a new production line of the legacy Air Crane introducing the S-64F+ to the market.
Erickson’s recent aircraft orders and deliveries have signaled a demand for the S-64 as a firefighting platform of the future. We will transition to new production aircraft with the future introduction of the S-64F+.
The future S-64F+ will include the following innovations and enhancements:
• Incorporation of a modern engine, enhancing range and fuel efficiency
• New Composite Main Rotor Blades
• Enhanced cockpit and flight control system
• Improved water cannon to provide best in class performance
Erickson has identified the investment in product, plant, and equipment (PP&E) required to support our customers and these initiatives. Erickson is scheduling meetings with prospective buyers for the S-64F+ with our aviation sales experts.


What a fantastic day, everything from Bell selling a 525 to Sikorsky introducing the S92A and S92A+!

We are so excited see what day two holds!

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