Hekla Aurora (Special Iceland Air livery) on the Boeing 757-200

Yes!!! We need this livery; it is so beautiful! 😍

Suggest you keep an eye out, you never know… ;)

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Not this time , but who knows ?!! Maybe in a near future !
It’s still the most voted B752 on the forum :p


I haven’t let my hopes down yet!


Maybe it will be released at the last minute as a surprise 😉


Kind of like what they did with Air India. It wasn’t totally last minute but it was really close to the update.

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Wasn’t this had 80 votes?


It was, but maybe some wanted there votes back?!? Idk

Well there is still hope that we may get this livery. 20.3 will be out only in a matter of days so let’s keep our fingers crossed!


I have not lost hope in this livery yet and I WILL BE ON THE LOOKOUT!



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Yeah this livery got a ton of votes I wonder why they didn’t add it

Probably copyright… 🤷🏼‍♂️

They decided before the announcement, and it was before this got a ton of votes

Cries in the corner


Well I think we’re all aware this didn’t make the update. However, let’s set the example on the forum :) We might be slightly disappointed but take some items in perspective:

First, Infinite Flight used the 757 to include liveries from multiple countries that didn’t have any representation in the sim beforehand. Of course those combined with the necessary livery inclusions from major operators (Delta, United, American) would mean that two Icelandair liveries would be too much given the livery limits.

Second, we still have a fantastic common Icelandair livery that I’ll certainly enjoy flying :) The 757 really looks great in the blue and yellow of Icelandair!

Third, we’ve gotten some great support on this and I’m sure the developers haven’t missed it! Who knows, but there’s always the possibility of a future livery update.

Thanks everyone for your support over the last couple months! Enjoy this awesome update!


Please refer to @Rock77’s post :)

Each livery costs money to host, that only one reason. Having another Icelandair livery would be cool but also costs extra money.

The livery is also more difficult to create. The developers were on a limited time restriction to get it out before the Christmas holidays. There of course is still a chance it may come in a future update. Back in 2018 and ealy this 2020 we had a few A320 / 737 liveries added.

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Check here:

In this topic there was a explanation on why some livery’s couldn’t be added :)

Understandable, it’s nice to represent some airlines people have never heard before, and fly em’ thanks for the deeper look into things/

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