Hekla Aurora (Special Iceland Air livery) on the Boeing 757-200

Credit goes to Karl Ranta from Airliners.Net

Website Link- https://www.airliners.net/

Hello IFC, I am requesting about this BEAUTIFUL livery because well it’s beautiful! This is one of my favorite livery’s and it would just look great! And if you can’t design the livery now that’s totally fine, but as you start to rework the 757 aircraft maybe consider adding this livery! I know this is a tricky livery but you guys do so awesome with all of this stuff, I’m sure it would look amazing!

         About this Livery

This is a very special livery to Iceland Air because “it is dressed in the beautiful colors of the Icelandic winter landscape” said Iceland Air. But it’s not just the livery that is special about. Iceland Air has a brilliant interior with a 1 of a kind mood lighting recreating the fabulous display of the aurora borealis. This Aircraft tail number is TF-FIU

      About Fabulous Iceland Air

Iceland Air is a great airline that flies you all around the world, to be exact they fly to 16 countries and in those countries you can get to 49 cities. Once you arrive to your destination they may say, welcome to Reykjavik, Akureyri, Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Anchorage, Barcelona, Bergen, Billund, Birmingham, Boston, Brussels, Chicago, Copenhagen, Denver, Edmonton, Frankfurt, Geneva, Glasgow, Gothenburg, Halifax, Hamburg, Helsinki, London, Madrid, Manchester, Milan and still 23 more cities. This fabulous airline has been around for a whopping 83 years.

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