Height Limit?

Hahahaha, I got my score at VNLK(Casual) with my friend @JonesL . We had a great time there😆


Haha! Really a good idea💦💦💦


wats the replay bug?

  • First, get in a flight.
  • Then, deactivate the app for a while(about 60 seconds)
  • Now, go back to your flight and exit flight
  • Go to replay, you can see your plane is flying in the speed of light🤣
    More time you deactivate the app, higher and faster your plane goes

Well you rewind 15 secs and ur airplane will continue to fly

Good idea! I’m going to do that right now!

what do you mean by deactivating the app?

cause it’s not working for me.

Just exit the app for a couple seconds or about 60 seconds, just pressing the home button and then leaving it there (but make sure the device doesn’t turn off in that time)

how long should I b in the flight?

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