Height Limit?

If you are ever going to do this, I recommend using the Citation X or any small fighter jet, as private jets usually are small and powerful, enabling them to reach higher altitudes.

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Hmm 🤔 .Exactly,@piggywu has reached a height of 120,000ft.Maybe his networking is error.

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Well I actually went to 124,000ft MSL at the time, but for somehow I can’t reach that altitude anymore. The maximum altitude I can do now is only 104,000ft MSL.

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The highest that I have gotten to is 176,000 in the F-22

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I remember @GBKarp getting to 1,200,000,000 feet, if you manage to do that, maybe it will work, it will take A LOT of time tho.


According to community member Maxim, he claims he heard from Laura (CEO) the moon is a solid object. It is 99.99% unreachable since you’d need pure luck to reach it, or at least some sort of control/aim which you don’t have in space.

I somehow remember reading this post a year and a half ago


12,000,000, but you get the idea


well I will try that out then.

Well I got to this altitude on a 738 by using the replay bug lol


Ye, but I got there in a ‘legit’ way, and it was in live.


wow, congrats!
I only got 960,000 lol


It was a bug, but everyone could see it, and I even sent unicome messages in EGLL (casual) so people go confused


Hahahaha, I got my score at VNLK(Casual) with my friend @JonesL . We had a great time there😆


Haha! Really a good idea💦💦💦


wats the replay bug?

  • First, get in a flight.
  • Then, deactivate the app for a while(about 60 seconds)
  • Now, go back to your flight and exit flight
  • Go to replay, you can see your plane is flying in the speed of light🤣
    More time you deactivate the app, higher and faster your plane goes

Well you rewind 15 secs and ur airplane will continue to fly

Good idea! I’m going to do that right now!

what do you mean by deactivating the app?