HEGN FNF Timelapse

1) Background
This is 2hrs out of a 2hr 40min approach session at HEGN compressed to 6+mins.

2) Detailed Information
Expert Server opened at 2100Z.
A lot of the work sorting aircraft takes place off screen, but zooming out to that level lost the close in detail around the airport. I had to take some north then east of the airport, against the flow and used them to fill gaps in the line.

It was a fun session, and a large majority of pilots were great, and I thank you for that.

3) Video


Beautiful work as always Gary!

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Wow! Incredible work mate

I take it you are IFATC

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Yes. He is a ATC supervisor


That’s cool.

He is one of the best and most kind supervisor to talk with, not to mention his great ATC work. Keep it up Gary!