HEGN FNF Ground Timelapse

Did you fly out of Hurghada on the expert server for the FNF this week? Did a some annoying ground controller make you taxi halfway around the airfield for no good reason? Did you ignore my progressive taxi instructions?

This recording starts at about 1719z, right after a runway change to accommodate a tailwind at altitude. Due to some terrain, we were using 34R for landing, and 34L for departure. Thanks to a, uh, unusual taxiway setup, the route to 34L is rather circuitous. This resulted in a lot of progressive taxi instructions for all of you and a dozen new gray hairs for me.

Before this recording, I was operating Tower, Ground, and ATIS, with @Trio on approach. Once the decision was made to change runways, I knew the taxi situation would get a little more tricky. I thought I’d be able to handle all three frequencies, but @MannyG offered to help out on tower. I know he needs all the practice he can get, so I handed Tower and ATIS to him.

What followed was an exercise in patience. Pretty much every aircraft to depart received 4 progressive taxi instructions (continue straight ahead, continue straight ahead, turn right next taxiway, continue straight ahead), more if they made an unauthorized left turn.

Here’s a link to the taxi plan I was using.

Without further ado, here’s Hurghada FNF Ground:


Amazing! Some funny moments!!

Amazing work!

Got nothing to say :)

No, I just wanted the operations… ATIS was a big boost, thank you for letting me take that.

Nice video! It was very entertaining to watch you fighting with the pilots on the ground :).


Don’t know why but that is super satisfying to watch.

Thanks for sharing!

It’s more fun to watch than it was to (try to) organize.

Most ATC sessions are a blast. This one I had to work for.

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Yeah and it looks like it! Respect to all IFATC! I wasn’t at the airport you were controlling at the time but looks like you kept it safe 👌

Keep up the great work!