HECA Runways?

Hi All,

i recently landed on HECA (Cairo) and discovered that I had discovered an error.

When I contacted Approach they gave me runway 12R, where is 12R in HECA please? As a precaution, I flew to the 05R, then the tower to me 05C then sorry 05R.

So now the question is, did the approach make a mistake or is this a mistake?

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Device: iPad Air (4. Generation)
Operating system: iPadOS 17.4.1

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Could you share a screenshot of when this message was sent to you on your replay. It could be that approach assigned you to a different airport by mistake.

Yeah, I was confused about which runway you landing on, 12R!! How?
I thought approach had cleared you for 5R, but when I checked the command log, it was indeed 12R.

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There is no airport in cairo or around Cairo Airport that has a runway 12R


12R could have been the runway he used to take off from Dubai

This is because you did not request an approach type from the approach controller, and you asked for a frequency change instead. The controller needed to clear you before handing you to tower, so you were cleared for a runway not at Cairo Airport, perhaps a runway at the departure airport.

But I logged out in Dubai and am logged in to Approach HECA (120.70) why should Approach come from Dubai?

Hmm, he only gave me Rader Contact, so I thought that he would then give me the say request approach.

But no, do you think that’s where the error lies?

I think so.

However, whether the controller asks you for a specific approach type or not, they expect you to request an approach type since you’re arriving at the airport.

Hmm okay, I’ll try again later to see if that’s really the case!

I will get back to you this way.

Happy Fly =)

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No idea man, I think @3Ssomy167 may be right

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No runway was assigned for the approach so the last runway assigned, in this case from departure, remains.


Yeah, I just checked again (HEMA to HECA), everything is fine!

You can close the topic now, thanks!

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