Heavy's at San Diego International

The location of my pet bison's
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  • Various aircraft and livery’s

Hello IFC👋
I got very bored in study hall today, and decided to teleport to the San Diego ATC tower to watch a bunch of heavies depart! Hope you enjoy photos 🤪

First off is a JAL B787-9 starting its journey across the Pacific pond to Tokyo Narita 🇯🇵

Next is a Lufthy A350-900 heading to Muenchen 🇩🇪

FedEx Express B77F going to the Memphis mega hub 🇺🇸

British Airways B777-200er off to London Heathrow 🇬🇧☕️

United Airlines B777-200ER roaring off at midfield to Washington Dulles 🏛️🇺🇸

FedEx MD-11F The @Topgottem plane Heading off for its 1 hr flight up to Oakland

DHL B77F going cross-country to Cincinnati Ohio/Kentucky 🤔

Air Canada baby Dreamliner starting its 5 hr journey to Toronto Pearson 🇨🇦🏙️

Hawaiian Airlines A330-300 going over to Honolulu 🌊☀️🌴

Last but certainly not least, and oldie but a goodie UPS A330-20F heading over to Louisville! 🇺🇸

Thanks for Viewing!

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Flying JAL 787 to Tokyo right now, but from LAX


Safe flight 🫡


Yep, hopefully dont lag out

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gears must’ve retracted the second they lifted off the ground lol


Yeah picture 9 lol


Gotta love the replay glitches 🙄


Imagine going there and seeing Bison’s lol

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I snuck one into the tower so I wasn’t lonely 🦬🦬😈😈
Then the idiot proceeded to chase a C172 across the GA ramp 😑

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BA flying the A350-1000 there 🤯

I tried my best to be realistic
I failed 🤦