Heavy Wingtips for Kamryn at Heathrow Pt. 4 - Heathrow Spotting 20/11/21

Spotting @ EGLL 20/11/21, RWY 27L

It takes 23,034 slaps to cook a chicken, or one slap if you can slap at 3725.95mph

In a continuation of Heavies at London Heathrow Pt. 1 - Heathrow Spotting 19/11/21, Lil Squad at London Heathrow Pt. 2 - Heathrow Spotting 19/11/21
and Misty Morning Arrivals at London Heathrow Pt. 3 - Heathrow Spotting 20/11/21:

The penultimate in a series of topics covering a weekend at Heathrow, it’s time for some of the heavy bois. Nothing but sheer power, noise and perfect framing.

Kamryn, observe how I capture the whole extent of the aircraft, including wingtips, with a 70-200mm lens, standing under 50m away from the approach path.

N26960, an United Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner inbound from Houston. What’s that on the edge of the wing? Only the wingtip of course!

See those wingtips Kamryn? This is N803NW, a Delta Air Lines Airbus A330-323 on approach from Atlanta.

The Emirates Airbus A380-842 has a wingspan of just under 80m. Observe how I masterfully capture the full extent of A6-EVO as she comes in to land from Dubai. Wanna see me do it again?

Another Airbus A330-343, this time G-VGBR belonging to Virgin Atlantic, on a flight from Miami. Did you know the winglet on an A330 is 2.74m tall?!

The outer edges of the wings are also home to leading edge slats, spoilers, ailerons and the wing tip, as seen here on this American Airlines Boeing 777-323(ER), N733AR as she lands inbound from Los Angeles.

Keeping up with the big wing theme, we have a Qatar Airways Boeing 777-3DZ(ER), A7-BEI, inbound from Doha. You can even see both wings!

Whilst not as large as the A380, the wingspan of a British Airways 787-9 Dreamliner is still an impressive 60m! Here is G-ZBKH flying in from Washington.

Some more Boeing 777-3FG(ER) action, this time being HZ-AK37 of Saudia, on a flight from Jeddah. It would just be a crime to crop such a beautiful plane

The wings of a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner can flex over 20 feet at the wingtip during flight. Imagine cutting those wings down, it just wouldn’t work anymore. Thankfully, the wings of EgyptAir SU-GET on approach from Cairo haven’t been cut off.

I said I’d do it again. What better to end with than G-XLEF, a British Airways Airbus A380-841 in full form after a flight from Madrid. Short flight for a big plane.


lmao you actually thought

Gear Used:

Canon EOS 90D
Canon EF L 70-200mm IS USM F4
Canon EF L 24-105mm IS USM F4

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heres another one for you today @AndrewWu sorry not sorry


I’m observing a lot of dead space (sky), shoulda cutoff the wings 😞

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I’m observing a complete aircraft :P

It’s easy to crop around and keep the whole plane!


Finally, my training has a purpose


Kirito, go to bed. Santa has already passed the UK

Nice photos!


I love how you can actually see the wing tips. Take notes @Kamryn.

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Someone has to wrap the presents 😳

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Nice pics so you think I need to resize this pic for more sky? For reasons this is a joke

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Also give me my birb I already hired a lawyer😑


Sounds like a job for one slap man

How dare you. I will send your co-ordinates to 3735.95 mph chiken man

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Please don’t. I’ve had my fair share of run ins with the man in the chicken suit, and after a series of legal battles involving several undercooked chicken and a turkey, we agreed it would be best to part ways.

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