Heavy Winds over Western Europe

I am just wondering why the winds are so high in Western Europe, in airports such as LFPG, EGLL, EDDF. If anyone who lives there can explain if there is a thunderstorm or something that would cause these horrific winds.


I dunno but here is what it looks like in windy.com


Here’s your culprit. A 959mb low pressure is equivalent to a decently strong hurricane so that’s what causing all the wind.

Source: tropicaltidbits.com


There are 2 big storms going on right here (as you can see by the other 2 reactions). Pretty bad weather and not recommended to be outside. But that aside, I noticed it too when flying over Western Europe. Heavy turbulence and wobbly take-offs.


The UK and Western Europe experienced Storm Dudley yesterday and today and we are bracing for an even stronger storm to hit on Friday and Saturday.

This is the image from above:


Purple is Storm Dudley - as you can see the cyclonic structure has practically disappeared and is now a pretty weak storm.

Red is Storm Eunice - which as you can see has a significant cyclonic structure and is expected to undergo even more rapid intensification over Thursday and is expected to hit the UK on Friday bringing wind gusts up to over 100mph.


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