Heavy wind over America

Anyone else feel all that wind yesterday over America? It was crazy wasn’t it. My plane was rocking so much.

My plane was having issues over the Atlantic

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you should have seen england, my a319 was getting battered while enroute to egnm

Yea but I didnt have any issues BUT it made my flight SO SLOW when heading southwest that Its not even funny >:(

I had 130 knots pure crosswind just over dubai like two hours ago. My plane was sliding lol

It’s called the jet stream. It’s normal.

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Yea k have 143kts tail wind it was amazing

That’s the Jetstream, it can carry very strong turbulence.
I recommend you use windy.com when preparing your flight to avoid these strong winds

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It was crazy! I flew from Orlando to Philly during the day and actually descended to FL 250 so the wind and turbulence wasn’t so strong

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