Heavy Weights In Action

Just a couple of random pics of our favorite heavy weights high above the clouds!
Do share a few!


Hey, a few things about this post,
Firstly, this should be in #screenshots-and-videos.
Secondly, please make use of the guidelines given to you when filling out a #screenshots-and-videos post, found here or below.

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Oops! How do I delete the post?

You don’t actually need to delete it, you can just change it to #screenshots-and-videos by clicking the little pencil icon below the post (edit post) and switching the category

just make sure you follow all the guidelines as mentioned by @Arizona_Aviator


The Globemaster. Hopefully the big boy gets a refresh! 🤞🏻

One Worlder…

The Matriarch & Patriarch passing each other.

UPS being loaded.


Great shots! I love the C-17 pic, as well as 2-4.

Thanks! If you have big heavy pics, post ‘em!😊

The always lovely, graceful A350 in action at VABB Mumbai (Bombay) India.

The Patriarch of Boeing in his UA livery. The big boy 772 settling down at KDEN USA.

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