Heavy Turbulence

I just departed EGLL heading south to Geneva currently ascending through fl260 and the winds and turbulence are rocking me from side to side
Anyone else?

What aircraft are you in?

Airbus A319

I just checked windy.com and it looks very windy over the English channel.

Have a safe flight!

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There that is where I am now.

you should drop a PIREP

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Not much going on the ground! What altitude you were at?


8knts, 14knts not windy, its very normal day.

@Jakub_Astary yeh, at high altitude you get very windy…when you land all goes away.

Did you check at FL260? Because that’s where the pilot was.

It doesn’t matter where you fly in IF the winds picks up high altitude. You dont have to call go around at FL200 :D

Here is the report for FL240



i had really bad turbulence over Quebec in a 737-800 on my way to toronto. 100kt winds

Blimey I had 128kt winds departing la once

You sure it was 128kts wind? You shouldn’t be taxiing your aircrafts.

This was departing Los Angeles once at about fl300

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