Heavy truck loaded with an A320 fuselage, gets stuck in the roundabout

Because of a technical breakdown on a heavy vehicle is motorists in Baden-Württemberg Althengstett (Germany)An unusual sight had been offered: A plane stuck in the roundabout.

The wingless fuselage of an Airbus A320 was carried on a heavy lift truck, which remained lying on early Saturday morning.

The managing director of the transport company, Rainer Schmidt, told the German Press Agency that the breakdown was due to a burst hydraulic hose on the truck. “That’s just bad luck, but with transports on this scale it can always happen.”

The van was on its way from the Estonian capital of Tallinn to a barracks in Calw - and remained close to the finish after thousands of kilometers. From the roundabout it was according to Schmidt still three kilometers, so about 20 minutes, to the barracks.

After the repair, the van was able to continue his journey and reached his goal at 4.30 am.

Infos from: www.spiegel.de/panorama/gesellschaft/baden-wuerttemberg-transporter-bleibt-mit-airbus-in-kreisverkehr-liegen-a-1245202.html


Welp. That’s not good.


Ha! not something you see everyday, I hope that they manage to fix it!!


@moritz, go ghost him for parking in an unreasitic spot.


No, please not it was in TARMAC! ;)


Does anyone know which airline it was for?

This is why why I sit in a a320 window seat, I feel like I’m stuck.

I’m sorry, but I had too.

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The plane will be used for military training in germany. Everyone knows german military airplanes dont fly when they are german, so we drove it by truck to german! Now some soldiers can train in there, if they get some equipment what the german military didnt have!

So owned by BUNDESWEHR

I m sorry, but soon everyone her will know that I dont like my Homecountry Military. But hey @KaiM, we built your Australian Tanks :p


It was in the middle of the airports LSZH and EDDF!

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@D-MELC I dont know what they do with the planes, but most of them dont fly :/ sad for the planes

I understand german, but I’ll write everything in english so everyone will understand that

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