Heavy Traffic

I was flying into Oslo today and atc said “due to heavy traffic airport is not accepting incoming traffic at this time.” When I get this message, what should I do?

Divert to the nearest suitable airport

Or hold outside the airspace until ATC let’s you come back in for an approach


Out of curiosity, did you takeoff from a nearby airport and immediately request approach?

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I’m on the same boat, I’ve been circling for 45 minutes with no instruction, I’m confused as well. We good.

No I departed from Edinburgh

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Oslo has two towers so I tried going to the other side but he just ghosted me


ENGM Tower East (123.32) controller here.

We are now allowing traffic to continue in and land at ENGM. This could change at any time due to the high yields we are experiencing.

Bare with us.



He threatened to ghost for me, he said I had to follow instructions and now I’m stuck circling, I’m Lufthansa 248

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I’ve now directed you ZippyAirplane.

Thanks for your patience!

Thank you so much

Perfect time to go and show some love to the non-hub airports


Exactly. Just because it’s the hub doesn’t mean you HAVE to fly there

It’s a lot more fun to do approaches with atc and taxi with other planes at the airport

Alongside Patrick, I am the other Oslo Tower. I am denying quite a few aircraft just so I can get this mountain of departures out. I encourage you to divert to a nearby airport.


I was ghosted so it doesn’t matter at this point

Ah, I think I know who you are. I will PM you after I finish controlling :)

How long is the wait just to land at ENGM because Im coming from Singapore at 2045 UK time zone (1945Z)

Hey @Captain_Tank,

We can’t predict traffic at that point, nor can we tell you how long the wait may be. Your best resource would be to check ifatc.org. There, you can see numbers of inbound aircraft for the next 20 minutes, 1 hour, and the total of aircraft inbound to the airport (Note: It is not 100% accurate, since it only has aircraft that have ENGM in their flight plan).

Happy flying, have a great flight!


Thanks a Lot @Thunderbolt

Hi there, I was also ghosted in Oslo. Can you please PM as well? My user N667BW. Thank you!