Heavy traffic

Hi, a few mins I have landed in Tffr after 40 mins of going around, landed with 1KG of fuel!!!
I think we should think about some airport nerbay that will be used for landings…
When 20 planes are waiting for takeoff and 20 around the airport in the air and there is just one RWY it’s crazy. For the Atc you are so professional… Managing this crazy rush is difficult we’ll done. What do you say to open another airport nerbay for landings?


If you know there will be a long queue for arrivals then you should factor in extra fuel. As a last resort you can always divert of your own accord.


I’m not sure having another airport open nearby would help - seems more likely you would simply have more traffic in the same area. Best, and most realistic, solution is to carry sufficient fuel and have your own diversion plan. Simbrief.com can help you plan both of those things.


Also - if “rash” isn’t an aviation term I’m unfamiliar with, it’s probably a good idea to change the title…

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1:30 half extra fuel, it’s supposed to be enough

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I was the last controller there. The only reason I would divert someone was because they weren’t following the rules, or they had low fuel. Otherwise people can wait their turn. Opening another airport would probably just create more unnecessary traffic.


By the way, half of people on the ground didn’t listen and sent duplicate messages


Yeah, I was told by my fellow controller


I‘m still in line for landing, since 35min. Did 5 360s and 2 extended downwinds. But I have to say, good job Jeffrey1o2. Maybe I can land before crashing into the ocean😂

(EDIT: Made it! Really great job again ATC!)


I mean, pilots like the one shown in my screenshot aren’t really helping to get smooth ATC operations. Not only is he taxiing on a GA taxiway with a B787, he also blocks the only runway exit because other pilots are waiting at the runway entrance of the commercial ramp. Actually sad to see on expert.

What was your Callsign?

So where do you want him to wait?

But the way, an A380 has respwaned and blocked the taxiway while he is parking for 5mins

Pretty easy to answer: After he noticed he spawned on the GA ramp with a widebody, despawn and spawn at the commercial ramp. I know that he did this because he wanted to takeoff without waiting, but that’s not the purpose of simulation. And that’s what annoys me sometimes on expert.

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UA2100, Boeing 757-200, Star Alliance livery

From where???

What a nightmare trying to takeoff!! I didn’t mind the wait, it was just more the people who didn’t know how to back taxi or repeatly asked to pushback. One guy must have asked around 11 times, not joking.

Over the past hours, mostly there were 2 or 3 airports open, sometimes 4.
Opening a nearby airport won’t have any effect, because there is strange urge for people to spawn at, or fly to the busiest airport.
People want to wait. They know airport’s platform is full and they love sitting there for 5 or 10 minutes, waiting to do a pushback.

For those who don’t want to wait, and circle around with minimum fuel, can I suggest you fly to the more quiet airport? This will avoid crazy overloaded airports and it will make it more fun for the ATCs as well.


All flight plain, you have one airport to alternate landing, for many motives!

You are kind of right