Heavy traffic @ YSSY



I noticed alot of traffic at sydney airport and I was waiting behind like 20 aircrafts and I just left, it’s taking way too long and there is no tower or ground control. I also noticed multiple planes taking off at the same time! They must be tired of all that traffic!

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I was the quantas A380 the trafic was so weird !

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That’s a crazy long line of departures.

It was so bad that the controller wasent excepting landing aircraft !

Wow that’s a lot! Seems odd that ATC not using 34L for departures and 34 R rot arrivals. Pararell runways can be a godsend in heavy traffic!

He was using both of them for departures

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Wow that must have been crazy busy!!!

Am looking forward to global when everyone can be more spread out and less crammed!!

Yep, and approach was only giving ILS approaches to 34L. To sum it up:

34R wasn’t being used
34L was a mess with people landing and departing
07 had a huge line

Ah the problems of uncoordinated airspace!!

Yep! Right now there is no approach and tower is approaching both 34s and a huge line for take off at the 7

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I was on a 7 mile final for runway 34R in a Dash 8 and the app crashed.

And people cannot behave maturely.

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