Heavy Traffic In "Southern California" Region

Tremendously Heavy Amount of Flight in LA area!

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Isn’t there always a ton of planes in SoCal?

I personally have never seen over 60 to 65 planes in that region. Today there was 92 at one point.

Should’ve seen how many there were when the last update came out

I’m sure there were a lot.

Pretty interesting weather at LAX now. Gusts up to 30kts when i landed

Wow. That must have been a pretty hard landing I’m guessing. I know it would have been for me anyways.

How many was there

was managable. Wind was in our favour coming from 250 and incoming traffic was on Rwy 25. So it felt like 10-15kts :D

That’s good. What type of plane were you flying?

Seeing this is so frustrating. There are many regions that are so much better than SoCal agghhhh


I agree with you, something should be done.

Delta A330-300

I know. This is a picture of traffic on one runway waiting to take off about 11 1/2 hours ago.

I am the generically labelled A-340

Two more planes came in behind the Lufthansa plane a few minutes later but I cut them off because the Lufthansa plane mighta gotten there before me, but those planes came after me.

It’s always Happening to me… Everytime I Open LA Region

Though traffic isn’t that bad now. I always go on early in the morning and there’s never traffic. But later in the day, towards the end, traffic congests overtime.

Moved to live

I know. For some reason when one person goes to a region, another person will come, until there are tons of people in that region.

I love to fly the A330. It will practically land itself if you plan it right and get the right speed and angle