Heavy traffic at KNUC!

Flew from KNUC to KLAX today on ATC Playground. The traffic was sooooo heavy! I was holding short for like 15-20 minutes! There were also many planes landing. BTW - the controller was specatcular for putting up with this traffic!


PS - I was the Icelandair 757 with the callsign Dreamjet.

Must renew my live subscription D:

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People keeping safe distance to other aircrafts on playground? Must be a good session…Oops never mind. Just saw the side view…


Sorry, forgot! :)

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Good pick up. I’m too busy complaining about my live subscription. Oh well!

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It was! I enjoyed ever so much!

There was an A380 that just bombed it in without ATC permission. He got told off multiple times.


It’s the ATC Playground. I just hate it when that occurs.


Ikr! Beside that everyone obeyed the rules.

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Everyone does that!


Yeah I know!

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I salute the people who obey rules, they will go far in life and innovate. The people who don’t… Well, I don’t know what they will do…

Moral of the story: Always follow instructions


I have to agree, I do it sometimes if anything I fly KNUC to KPSP. But most of my flights take about 60 minutes… More paperwork for me to file. Yay!


Always nice to see ;)

Does anyone know who the controller was?

I also flew in at KNUC from KLAX, and it was a good experience.

And thanks to the ATC at KNUC for being humane and acknowledged my announcement that I was on final. Earlier on, KLAX told me to “stop sending unnecessary messages” when I made the announcement.

Anyway, no hard feelings, no biggie. Just saying. Maybe it was because KLAX is constantly busy.

What aircraft were you in? Call sign?

Hey I think I was controlling at that time! KNUC for about 3+ hours. I think I had about 6+ planes on approach and you can see how horrible the backup was! Sorry for the delays but apparently everyone was enjoying my control! Let me know how you think I did and where to improve. I might apply for the advanced server if you all think I did well. Thanks for the complements!

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