Heavy Traffic At Gatwick With @AviatorDan

This was taken during @AviatorDan’s stream.Took me a bit to get the shots but I now have them. AviatorDan is in the Easy Jet a320. Each photos will have a caption on what and where Dan is. Hope you enjoy and hopefully @AviatorDan take a look at the screenshots.

Dan on left downwind for Rwy 16L. (Dan’s callsign is AV-DAN)

A look at the heavy traffic before Dan comes in for landing

Dan on very short final

An absolutely BUTTER landing with the fire training plane thing in the background.

Dan taxing under the bridge while I am mating with a British Airways a320 I believe.

Screenshot of everyone near AviatorDan. Dan is second to the end between the PIA B777 and the Easy Jet at the end of the straight gates. I am the Easy Jet right next to the bridge by the BA 757.

Hopefully you enjoyed my shots and Dan’s stream if you watched. If I need to change anything, please let me know. (Really hope Dan sees all of this)


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nice pictures


Amazing photos!🤩


Amazing shot

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Awesome shots!