Heavy Traffic Arrivals @ KSFO! (Spirit Airlines LAS-SFO)

Shot hop in the Spirit A321 KLAS - KSFO

(Only while writing up this post did I realize Spirit doesn’t actually fly between Las Vegas and San Francisco so… use your imagination 😅)

Flight time: 1+17
Server: Expert

Departing from McCarran International

Arrival in San Francisco

Some shots of a PAL A350 taking off for Manila with a line of departures in front of the beautiful terminal buildings

A Delta 737 goes around on short final 28L

Awesome parallel landing of a United 737 and Turkish A350

Hope everyone enjoys!


Beautiful landing

Nah. These are some awesome photos! Pick your top 10 and re-edit the post. :)

I think I did - hope it worked 😄

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Awesome views! SFO looks amazing with those buildings.

Cool shots!!

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awesome photos!! love flying on them and the banana bus is a really cool plane!

Love the pictures! 🍌