Heavy takeoff with short runway


I was just doing a heavy cargo flight from MPTO to LHBP. I knew I was going to need a long runway, so I asked to take off at 03R which is about 10000 feet long when requesting pushback. However, the ATC replied with 03L instead, which is about 1500 feet shorter. I literally just managed to pull the plane up right at the end of the runway. What could I do to let the ground control know in similar situations? Thanks.


You’re situation is kind of tough because 3L was the only departure runway in the ATIS. So you could’ve tried to ask for 3R a second time and maybe the controller would’ve allowed it, but all inbounds were being funneled to 3R so it would’ve been difficult to get you out.

An alternate suggestion could be to lower your flaps an extra level to generate more lift. But, ultimately, there wasn’t much you could do there.


As rob said above, it was due to the arrivals being put on the 03R. It was more for efficiency than just denying you, next time i’d pm the controller who was controlling and ask why this happened. And as rob has said again, use lower flaps so use the traditional flaps 15 and use a toga setting (higher thrust) in general around 8500 meters can be enough if you use the right thrust level suitable. G’day/night!


Of course I would not request to take off on a landing runway, but both runways are for departures and arrivals in the ATIS and I saw others takeoffing on 03R as well. Well anyway thanks for the tips. :)

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Hmm, in that case there’s no harm in holding a little bit at the gate and pming the controller on IFC. If they don’t reply, not much you can do but do as requested. Thanks!


What aircraft were you using?

May I ask how you pm the controller as I am kind of a new player to the game?

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If you press the Airport, and press ‘WX’ it shows the names of the controllers active on the airport. Simply just copy that into the search bar of the community and a user should come up. Then click on the profile and the blue tap to message. Alternatively, you head to if-atc.com, press on ‘Directory’ and copy their name into there which should lead to their community profile.

The 777-F.

But to be honest, the ATC was stupid to pick 3L for departure. Normally a plane uses more runway for take-off than landing.

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So that’s why 25R at LAX is for departure while 25L is for landing.

Thanks mate. This will make my flights a lot easier. Gn.

Normally an A330 needs 1730m of runway at most for landing, but needs almost 1000 more for take-off.

Hey there, i suggest not calling ATC stupid. In Ifatc, your encouraged to use all available runways and the taxiway layout enabled this. I’m sure they was many 737s who could take off on an 6000ft runway who are able to easily takeoff on an 8500ft rwy. This would just create a backlog on 03R which is primarily being used for arrivals…

For everything IFATc do, there’s a reason!


Well I agree, but ever heard of a story which a fully loaded 737 lifts of at 165 knots and uses 4/5 of the LAX 25R?

Well 03R was literally the other end of the airport. The airport had some traffic at that time so I guess putting me onto 03L would make his life easier.

Using 03L for departure and 03R for arrival is more efficient because it shortens taxi times for aircraft. As mentioned before, the best choice is probably to use a notch more of flaps and a little more thrust for takeoff.

depends on weight on an aircraft, a 737 shouldn’t be rotating at that speed. Now back on topic, @Liu_Brian next time just pm the controller as said:)


747s used to fly to TNCM, which has a 7500 foot runway 🤷‍♂️

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They certainly were not at MTOW.