Heavy / Super question

Lets say my call sign is : infinite flight 2020 heavy" because I am in a b777

when I get air born, do I just take out the Heavy?

because when I watch vids on planes departing out of airports, it sound like this

Lufthansa 454 super rwn 25 C line up and wait

then through out the rest of the flight it is just Lufthansa 454
when it is landing the ''Super" comes back again

Hey mate,
I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure you keep the ‘heavy’ throughout the flight.
Hope this helps :)

I will keep the Super/Heavy if im in the appropiate aircraft during all the flight

You do not need to delete your heavy indicator at least within IF.

You put Super/Heavy based on your TOW (Take-Off weight).In real live, correct me if wrong, but in countries like Australia you do not need to keep your indicator all flight!

You should keep the suffix the whole flight. The reason the pilot(s) in real life might not say it during the flight is because of the reason it is a thing in the first place, ir one of them anyway.
The reason that heavy or super is mainly use, IRL, is that a heavier aircraft produces more “wake turbulence”, turbulent air caused by the wings producing lift, and a small amount of the engines producing thrust. This mean you wouldn’t want to have a Cessna taking off 30 sexonds after a an A380. The cessna would literally flip over.
So, it is less important during the enroute phase of flight as aircraft are more separated, and wake turbulence is less of a danger to aircraft.

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You are correct. A heavy aircraft is an aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of over 300,000 pounds/kilograms (can’t remember which 🤪)

Heavy is every wide body aircraft including the 757, and super is for the A380

I don’t think a 757 is classed as a heavy

I do know that the heavy’s 100% are
DC 10
MD 11

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And + the DC-10 and MD-11

There we go!

Yes, it is considered as heavy due to the wake turbulence that it produces

More info on the FAA Notice N JO 7110.525

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In the US, it is customary to keep the “heavy” suffix throughout the entire flight.
In other areas of the world such as Europe and Asia, it is often only spoken on first contact with the frequency, then omitted for every transmission afterwards. (have a listen to liveatc.net)
I would recommend you to keep it on IF however, as callsigns aren’t verbally spoken in IF and having it change mid vector might be confusing for the controller.

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