“Heavy/Super” Callsign Use

Hi guys,

I know the rules. Don’t come here telling me it’s used when an aircraft has a MTOW of more than 136 tonnes or why it’s used, etc etc [sorry if that came off ruder than intended.]

What I’m asking is this a specific thing to North America? Or is it used internationally. Because I only ever hear it used in the US in real life. , yet can’t find anything to say it isn’t used. I’m particularly looking at the UK.

Thanks for anyone who knows!

Not it is used all over the world, just sometimes the controllers forget to use it

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It’s a worldwide thing

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It is used, but often it is not used in every single transmission neither from the crew nor the pilots as this doesn’t make that much sense to repeat it all the time. Great example is the video I linked below from Heathrow:


Oh, yes, thank you
This can be closed…

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Glad we could help that fast, no worries!

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