[Heavy] Spotting @ LAX! (Older Photos) Arrivals & Departures

Hello IFC! These are some of my evening spotting photos. They are pretty old in which you see a British Airways 747. You will also see the HOLLYWOOD sign in the background!
Equipment used: Olympus E-500 camera.

First Off! British Airways 747-400 departing to London!

Second! Swiss 777-300ER arrived from Zurich!

Third! Air China 777-300ER arrived from Beijing!

Fourth! Virgin Atlantic 787-9 Dreamliner arrived from London!

Fifth! A British Airways 747-400 arrived from London!

Sixth! American Airlines 777-200ER arrived from London!

Seventh! Etihad 777-300ER departing to Abu Dhabi!

Eighth! China Eastern 777-300ER arrived from Shanghai!

LAST! Air New Zealand 777-300ER Departing to Auckland!

Which one was your favorite? Reply down below!

P.S. the Hollywood sign is in the background of the last photo!


This was so epic I tried doing some close ups.

image image


Thanks! I like the close ups

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Your welcome! I tried this as well


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I love the added motion blur!

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Lovely shots!

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Amazing Pictures 😍

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These memories…

Amazing photos!

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