Heavy Party at MIA

Hello IFC, finally got a chance to come down to KMIA for some lovely afternoon arrivals and departures. Got to see a lot of heavy action, and I’m here to share that with you!

World Atlantic Airways MD80 arriving after a charter flight.

A Red Air MD82 coming in with a high flare from Santo Domingo.

Two freight A330s and a Lufty 747-8.

LATAM 777-300ER landing after a journey from Santiago.

The previously shown Lufthansa 747-8 beginning its takeoff roll on its flight to Frankfurt.

The Big British Plane (BBP) [A380] arriving from London after a hop over the pond.

And finally, a bright red Avianca on final approach after a flight from Bogota.

Thank you for viewing, and as always, let me know what photo is your favorite down below!

  • World Atlantic MD80
  • Red Air MD82
  • Avianca A330F
  • LATAM 777-300ER
  • Lufthansa B747-8
  • British Airways A380
  • Avianca A320

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Wow such lovely pictures @TheExDid_HD love all of them


@sammy0909 and @alikalbk would be happy

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This made me realize I need to make my way to Miami for a planespotting trip 🔥


I was there yesterday but it wasn’t that busy but I got a photo of the 747 landing.


These are beautiful pictures😍

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The airport has very diverse traffic! A lot of South American Airlines but also European ones too.

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I wanna see MD-80s and A380s. The other airlines are cool too

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There are a lot of classics at the airport too, I know there is a DC 8 that flies from here frequently.

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That’s crazy! Reminds me of my old home airport PANC which had DC-3, DC-6, MC-80, and tons of other stuff

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LATAM B777, BA A380 and LH B748 are truly impressive !

If you want to see the A380 i know on Saturday it comes around 18:30 if I remember


This was a couple of months ago btw

thanks but I’m in Dallas lol but imma come over there when I can

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