Heavy or Super

I saw a B787-8 in IF with the Callsign „Delta 1728 Heavy“! Why did he used Heavy and Not Super?


The 787 is not a “super” aircraft, it is only a “heavy” one.


They were just incorrect, as Super is only for the A380😉


Only Class F aircraft (A380/747-8) can use the ‘Super’ callsign suffix! Class E aircraft (includes 787 Family, 777 Family, 747-400/200, A330/340, etc…) use the ‘Heavy’ callsign suffix!


In real life it’s used like that (that’s the USA/FAA definition): “Heavy” is an Aircraft Class defined as an aircraft with a Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) of 300,000lbs or more. Super is a class currently used only for the very heavy A380 and AN-225. One of the main purposes is to warn other aircrafts of wake turbulence.

You can apply the same to Infinite Flight.


A380 is only Super aircraft !
Al other 767 787 77w 747 is heavy

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Thanks for your replies

737 or A320 is without Heavy Callsign?

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Yes its without
Only the bigger aircrafts
A330 a340 all of the big aircrafts is heavy .
But the a380 is super


@Flips_Fisch “Super” is only a callsign the A380 can use, that is the only aircraft in the world that can use it, not even the 747-8 can use “super”, “heavy” is intended for aircraft that make “heavy” wake turbulence and have a MTOW above 136 tones, the 787-8 does can not use “super”, it is not just a thing to put after your callsign to sound cool. hopefully i was a bit helpfull :) ;) <3 <3

Not entirely correct. The Antonov AN-225 uses it as well depending on the country where it’s flying.

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yes sorry i realised that, there are 2 aircraft in the world who can use “super”

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Some uses heavy or super in a call sign but when i checked the aircraft used its a “Cessna” 😅

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So true ! And thats will be happen on the expert server. People take the 737-800 and make SUPER
Hahaha ✌😂

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Super is only for the A380

I thought 787 were not considered heavys correct. Only 777

787 is a Heavy as well as the 777 and 767

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How come when you try and use heavy in ur call sign with the 787 it warns you and tell that heavy is intended for aircraft with a mtow of 350,000.

Those Heavy and Super callsigns are only used in America since they are FAA designations… In Europe, Asia, no one uses those terminology.

This was already said, but as stated as per FAA regulations, only the A380 and AN225 are proper ‘’Super’’ aircrafts, not the 747-8.

The ICAO designation of Heavy, Medium and Small is for wake turbulence and there’s no ‘’Super’’ qualification in that case.

The A380 would qualify as heavy for ICAO standards, but Super as per FAA designation.

Also good to know but not applicable to IF: We normally only use the ‘’Heavy’’ or ‘’Super’’ on initial contact with ATC, then we just let it go and use the normal callsign for the remainder of communications with this particular ATC station.

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