Heavy or Light?

Don’t know if this belongs on general, but I was wondering what you guys would fly, a Heavy plane such as an A380 or 747-8 and so on, or do you like flying like little, smaller jets, such as the Citation X or A318, A319, so on. Right now, I’m deciding if I should get the 747-8 or the Citation X, two very unlike planes. I’m also open to any other suggestion as to getting regions too!

  • Heavy Jets (A380,747-8, etc.)
  • Light Jets (A318, A319, Citation X, etc.)

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777 is better than 747 IMO

In real life, yes. But the Boeing 747 is easier for me to control in IF…


I find the B777 in IF easier to fly then a B747…sadly I can’t compare the two in real life!!

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The smaller jets are more sophisticated in IF.

I fly light and medium sized jets most often.

I only fly light and medium jets/props since I never know where to fly to with a heavy. Usually not a fan of making patterns at e.g. LAX, LHR, etc.

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Fly light planes here, like A321 :P Cessna 172 and so on hehe :)

Light and maybe heavy if I ever get around to make international flights.

I’ll fly both. I just pick a random jet airliner and soar.

I only fly well modeled aircraft, the size doesn’t matter.
The ones I fly most often are the B77W and the B738.

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