Heavy landing

How to land properly at MTOW weight/80-116% load on the 747-8? And what are some general tips for landing very heavy for any aircraft. Or is it even possible to land past 90% load at all?

Not its no possible to land more then 90% of total load
If you take off very heavy and for some reason you need to land. Just dump fuel

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Why isn’t it possible?

Well you could. But your airplane would look like this after you land.



MTOW = Maximum Takeoff Weight. You already have more load than Maximum Landing Weight. You have a better chance at landing once below MLW.

If I get the trim right, flaps right, and exceed 230 knots will I be able to land 90% load 747-8?

Why do you need to land at that weight and speed? Are you experimenting?

I wanna complete a difficult challenge. Idk its maybe just me.

That isn’t legal. Going beyond that means you are a test pilot now.

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