Heavy lags

I’m in the middle of my long haul and I’m experiencing some lags: the game freezes for some seconds (4/5). What should I do? I already cleared the scenery cache.
I’m use an iPad (7th gen).

After 1hr and half of agony, the game crashed😐

What’s your storage space

In which quality you play and what’s your storage?

Storage: 65gb free.
I always play in high quality, never had any problem like that

Heya! Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with the simulator.

The 2019 iPad should be running Infinite Flight at the higher settings with no issues whatsoever. The first thing I suggest that you do before a flight is to reset your device’s RAM allocation. To do this, simply hold both the home button and the power on/off button until the device restarts itself. In addition, make sure that any applications running in the background are closed (as they still eat up a decent chunk of your iPad’s performance!).

Also, take some time to look over the general performance tips published by Infinite Flight on this site here:

(look for “General Tips” and “General iOS” tips).

Try these out please and let us know if this has helped you at all.


Later this evening I will fly again, let’s see if it happens again. Thank you for your help!

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This started happening to me after I updated to IOS 14.2 it always lags when I use the 5X speed feature , its one of the reasons I don’t like updating IOS , it worked fine before.

I had a similar problem on an iPad Air 2, but my WiFi connection was bad. That could also be the problem

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My WiFi is pretty good and I was and the Expert server…

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