Heavy Hopping @ PHTO - 181800ZNOV17(COLSED)

Server: Casual

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHTO

Time: 1800z (1:00pm EST)


This Saturday we will be having some fun with
heavies.You will start at PHTO and perform a touch and go at PHKO. Then you snall fly North to PHOG. If neede you can stop for fuel here. For the last flight you will go fly north to PHNL. The allowed aircrafts will be 767+. If PHTO is full you may spawn at a nearby airport. Good Luck!

Feel free to tell me how bad this is. My first attempt at making an event😂


I would just allow any aircraft 767+…

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Really wish I could make it but I can’t because of school…

That was the whole idea to make it fun and hard on the casual server.

I accept that. Thanks for telling me I will remove that now

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Sure i will allow that

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I have decided to add a flight plan for hopping! I have also taken out the weightlimit because some of the allowed aircrafts cant hold 900,00LB.

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