Heavy Haulin’ Freighters @ RJAA - 100400ZDEC17

This event is tonight

Server: Expert

Airport: RJAA

Time: 0400Z

Aircraft: MD11F (Fedex preferred)

NOTAM: Flight plan will be available to copy upon spawning in. I’ll be sitting on the ramp 20 mins prior. Estimated flying time is just under 12hrs

Altitudes & Speeds:

  • 10,000ft and below: 240kts

  • 10,000ft to 20,000ft: 280kts

  • 20,000ft to cruise: 315kts ~ M.84

Cargo 226 - @DeerCrusher
Cargo 225 - @THE-OP
Cargo 224 - @Grady_Herbert
Cargo 223 - @JRRaviation
Cargo 222 - @AustralianFlyer
Cargo 221 - @jdag2004

Will add more if needed…

Arrival: The BRBBQ2 arrival will be used when descending into Memphis.

Below is a basic overview of the route:




I would like a gate please kind sir

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Gates are self serve. 😅 But I’ll add you down as attending. 😉


What kind of event is this?! BAHUMBUG!


I like to give my audience the option to choose the gate they want. We’re fortunate enough to have a map that shows where other aircraft are when choosing a spawning location. So hopefully people won’t be spawning on top of each other.

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I would tag along but I don’t see myself being up at 4am. Nice event though!


I just did the math too, that’s 11p for me… lol hum… we shall see


Your right. Had a long day. On my way home. 😜

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Totally fine, I had an event that I accidentally made for next year…

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Hahahah don’t delete @Daniel14. Deer needs to be educated publicly


I’d love to attend, although I might be late, since I have to get a haircut…

The post shall stay then!

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I am attending! See ya there

I flagged both to stay lol… only because deer is my brother


I will be attending.

I’m coming. See you soon!

Well look at that… I’ve been assigned a gate… that I WONT be using because I am FRRRREEEEEEE

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Starts in 40 minutes

I want to join, but I dont know if my iphone7 can handle it…

You’re more than welcome to join if you wish.