Heavy Fog in London

There is some very heavy fog in the southern portion of the London region right now if anyone is interested! ATIS is reading: EGDM 090650Z 040004KT 5000 2500E BR FEW001 08/07 Q1022 YLO1 BECMG 999 NSW BLU

im the only person in this server! ATC playground

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I was there earlier the visibility was showing 0.25 km

it is a little better now its 4.0 km. but youre right earlier it was worse!

Obviously that’s not ATIS.

This is what ATIS is: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_Terminal_Information_Service

What you’re talking about is metar ;)

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i clicked on the sample ATIS message for schipol airport and that was really cool

typo on my part you are right sorry for that! :/

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