Heavy and Super callsigns

Hello! I’ve noticed many people in the expert server who don’t seem to know much about the use of “Heavy” and “Super” though its not required you use them in IF, it’s a good idea to use them when appropriate if you want to maintain the highest level in realism! (which you should on the expert server) So here we go.

The FAA requires any aircraft over the weight of 300,000lbs to use the term “heavy” after their callsign. This includes the following aircraft in the game.

747 family
777 family
787 family

The FAA also created the term “super” when the A380 was certified. The A380 is the only in game aircraft that should use “super”

Any other aircraft that was not included in the lists above should not use either “super” or “heavy”

The reason the FAA implemented these rules is because of “wake turbulence” and it can be easiest described as the wake of a boat, a larger or faster boat will create more waves, so by deeming aircraft with these names, ATC can give proper spacing between aircraft and others so they do not experience turbulent air.

If you use these callsigns in the game, you can help the ATC properly give spacing and runway assignments so that the heavy and super aircraft can make a safe and trouble free approach, also giving them enough time to exit the runway.

So lets try not to use “Southwest 1792 Heavy” anymore lol. Thanks everyone!


And if this is in the wrong thread, please let me know so I can fix it :)

The A340-600 I believe also fits in the heavy category

I had it on my list! I must have skipped over it, thanks!

We may restrict these so you can only have them when you’re over the designated weight. It is being considered for 20.2, but it may not make it into this release.


Awesome! Yall are doing great! Keep up the great work! :) @MishaCamp

I see the piont and many don’t use them correctly, although i shouldn’t ask people to do it as my callsign is -heavy lol

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Its the Southwest Heavies that get me 😂 @Elefanths

Yeah i see them too lol. I hope just that my callsign don’t get removed

Well whats your callsign?

-Heavy is my callsign soooooo…

Thank goodness…its well overdue. Thanks to the team for considering this move💯✔️


“Southwest 1874 Heavy inbound for landing Runway 26” @Jeodanie_Smith

Have there been considerations to make this automatic?

😂😂 I didn’t know southwest had a new aircraft type

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