Heavy 777s or am I missing something?


I’m just wondering does anyone else usually have to have speedbrakes on for a long time while descending in the 777s? Even if I’m flying reasonably light, it struggles to slow down even if the throttle is sitting on 0% without having spoilers on flight. This is at low descent rates too like 1000-1500fmp.

Just wondering if there’s something I’m doing wrong.

Cheers, Ryder


This is the IRL behaviour of the 777 as well - it does require quite a low descent rate in order to slow down…


As what BennyBoy said, the 777 you can say is a very slippery aircraft.


Yes, agree with that

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Yeah you’re 100% right, you need to carefully plan your decent to make sure you don’t overspeed once you hit FL100. I always find slow and steady works with the 777 :)

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