Heaviest traffic I have ever seen in IF!

Point A Pitre (TFFR) had so much air traffic today and it took several minutes trying to land or takeoff. I even diverted to (TAPA). Was anyone else there today? Was your experience similar?

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Wow that’s a lot of planes. What server was this on?

It was on the advanced server!

Flew TNCM to TFFR, it was crazy!

Approach had me do some holding patterns north of the field before sequencing me in behind a few guys :)


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I was doing approach earlier at St Martin when you departed. Was very busy but awesome fun. This is what IF is all about. 😀 // Flying High

Really!? Advanced controller must have been a little stressed at having that many planes to control:)

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If everyone follows instructions , it’s not that stressful.
Thanks for flying. // Flying High. Senior Controller

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