*Heaviest Traffic I Ever Seen* Heavy Traffic @ KNUC!

Aaaah I see! Yes, a lot of people have!

I was going to Park up then wait a few minutes, but the traffic was awful. Never known Southern California to be so busy, ever!

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It’s ok when people follow instructions. Another thing is when pilots are waaaaay too close to each other, makes it impossible to select players and clear for takeoffs! 10 minutes of this will make you crazy

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I had a 747 practically, hiding underneath me, he was unsuccessful, I was in a 737 BBJ, another person trying to push in line! -_-

Very fustraighting for obeying pilots!

Indeed, I was coming into land a few weeks ago at KPSP, 3 F-18’s on the runway! I did a go around, came back, still there, got to 50ft, they all went full throttle and took off! How frustrating for people who want to play the sim properly!

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It was very difficult to control at KNUC today since so many players were arriving at the same time and it made it difficult to clear takeoffs.

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I couldn’t imagine that in my head in my life!!!poor operators 😐

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I was in that line… ._.

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Honestly I love NUC because it’s on an island and the airport has lots of room to work with. LAX and SAN have the standard airport feel and I don’t like that at all.

If the airport has one long runway, a small ramp, and one taxiway that parallels the runway, I am happy and that is exactly what NUC does for me 😀.

So that said, this is not an airline simulator where we all have to fly specific routes and only to soecific airports. It’s for us to have fun (While following the rules of course). It would crush me, and likely others to have to avoid NUC because no airline flies their commercially 😔.

Realism is useful for features of the game IMO, not something to ruin the fun or preference people get/have.

My 2 cents

Well the recent photos of the updated NUC did look very appealing so maybe people wanted to fly in and try it out 😀.

Apologies if I didn’t catch your sarcasm, if you were being sarcastic

Like how KHAF is VERY popular however no commercial airline goes there?


El_Alex: Exactly.

Last time I used HAF, a year ago or so(?) I thought it was poorly laid out and absolutely hated the airport.

To All: Try AVX or Catalina Island. Teensy bit north of NUC but it’s a great airport to fly into-Kind of feels like MUC (I started out at AVX then moved down to NUC)

Whatever happened to Chicago? Chicago is a good region tooo!


True. 564 airports around the region, making quick airport jumps nice and easy.

I can’t send departures to 28’s, I already said I was sorry for ghosting you.

Chicago brings me back to the days I got my first sim; Flight Simulator '95! I love that region.

YESSSS before I got live I always flew from Dubuque Regional to O’Hare. Those were the days.

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I think every airport should have a maximum number of planes to have on the ground and in the air! Despite the fact KNUC is a class Charlie it had more planes than a single strip class bravo could take!

I never flew to KNUC until the update, I was waiting in line to take off for roughly 15 minutes, there were 10 people ahead of me!
Of course there were very impatient people, at one point a 747 flew over the runway inverted!!

4th in line