*Heaviest Traffic I Ever Seen* Heavy Traffic @ KNUC!


Has anyone else been in stuck in a long, boring wait like me today? I’ve been at KNUC for roughly about 20 minutes, waiting for clearance. Has anyone else noticed more and more traffic at Airports today? Or have you been in traffic like this today?


I’m sure it has nothing to do with the recent update. Nothing at all.


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I’m just about to land at KLAX, using APPR, It doesn’t seem busy whatsoever, so strange!

When ATC was launched the Playground server reached the 100% load almost every day.

I’ve never seen a server over 30%,it was bad, 100% load must have been horrendous!

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Is the cockpit window on the Atlanta Falcons 717 exploding or is it just the quality of the aircraft?


WoW I also don’t see that ever

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Today, SFO and SJC were packed. Numerous denied entries given.

Some pics,

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Yikes! Im currently in line again at KNUC, multiple Entries have been denied today. :/

I was there today it was very heavy traffic

I was just controlling at KNUC! Very busy, a lot of impatient people not following instructions as per usual image

There are four runways at SFO, don’t focus only on departures.

Hi Harry, see the name at the top “Speedbird 380 Heavy”, yeah, thats me! Ive just taken off again, after landing, thanks. Good ATC BTW! ;)

Hehe cheers Josh! Sorry for delays, lots of people entering the runway when they shouldn’t!

I have been ATC there today, it was terrible, people landing, and taking off whenever they wanted to, annoying!

Make sure to request touch and go! Or did you land taxi and takeoff? Good landing!

I did Taxi then Take-off. Thanks! I have been flying the 737 BBJ all day.