Heavies or what the game consider them to be seems a little off, doesnt the 757 count as a heavie eaven due to it’s wake turbulance, if I try to add heavie to an A330, or 767 it says not heavie enough, also the MD11 seems to not be a heavie, is realy nothing shot of a 777 a heavie? Becuais the A300-600F that lands at KPIT adds heavie to his callsighn.

The 757 is a narrow-body plane, not a heavy. For the other aircraft, it usually depends on the weight.

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It advises if the weight is not suitable for the heavy designation but you can override it.

The designation is based on a few factors not just size.

The Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) for the Boeing 757 is 255,000lbs or there about. The FAA classifies a “Heavy” aircraft as an aircraft that has a MTOW of 300,000lbs or more. The 757 is about 45,000lbs too light in this case to make that category, so it would fall into the “Large” category.


Tylicaly I dont, figuring maby it knows somthing I dont

It doesn’t it just bases it off your current weight configuration

Also I dont want to be that anoying person who is in a Cessna 208 Callsighn Airforce 1 Super

Guys, read what @DeerCrusher posted. I’d say he knows a thing or two about it… (:


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