Heavies, Supers Running Over Smaller Craft

I just ended a ‘flight’ on Training Server 1 because in less than 10 minutes, I had two aircraft drive over me, and witnessed others leapfrogging each other. And after being told to line up and wait, had another super drive over me in order to take off while a second one was in bound for [unauthorized?] touch and go.

Similar occurrences have happened before but today was horrid… can anything be done?
It makes it hard learning ATC with such madness…

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Hi :)

I understand you. It’s really hard to learn like that. If you really want to learn and to improve yourself, you could open an airport on TS2 and make a topic here to inform everyone. I’m sure some people will come and listen to your instructions. If you’re aiming to become an IFATC, don’t hesitate one of the scouts:

They will help you, answer your questions and come when you’re active. I was in the same situation like you before and then I contacted Samuel for training and he helped me a lot! Today I’m a proud ATC Specialist. :)


@James_Franklin. MaxSex: See the Archive Topic “Return to Parking” & its comments. Here’s the thrust;

“Having watched, commented on and commiserated with the volunteer novice & trainee Controllers who attempt to learn the ropes on the Playground for what seem ages, it’s time to take action! In my studied opinion the community is feed up with the untutored & malcontents Pilots who disrupt Playground Operations 24 hours a day. The Advanced Controller has a hammer, the “Ghost”! Used judicially the Ghost, a form of tough love, brings order to all phases of operation on the Advance Server “most” of the time. The interim solution which I’ve proposed in the past which can be implemented with minimal re-Programing on the Playground Server is the “Return To Parking” hammer in the hands of the Playground Controller! The “Return to Parking” Fungtion is programmed and presently available in the Crash Senario. Add the coding for the procedure to the Playground Controllers Dashboard! Shazam, A Playground Controller Hammer! No time out, no loss of score or status for the novice or malcontent! Just an inconvenience, a required restart and wake up call, Return the miscreants to Parking!! We true believers just want to fly without distraction or disruption by the great unwashed”! End


what is this ghosting? I’ve been wondering…

It’s only available on expert for atc. It allows you to make the player ‘invisible’, and basically disappear/disconnect from the server.


And to add to what @Giacomo_Lawrance says, you get banned from expert for 7 days

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Did you add this as a feature request? Sounds like a reasonable request to me, but some careful thought would have to go into its implementation. I can see potential issues on a few fronts, but with a little brainstorming you can overcome most…

  1. could be misused in the hands of a mischievous controller…
    Maybe limit the number of times it could be used per day
  2. some logic would have to be added to prevent a pissed off pilot from repeatedly coming back and disrupting operations…
    Maybe the reset to parking has a 5min wait time before respawn is allowed.

There may be other issues… this is some food for thought.


I think they should let everyone into expert and then ghost anyone who doesn’t follow procedures for atleast 30 days LOL then we will see how quickly the skies disintergrate and leave only us pros to fly haha

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@GHamsz… MaxSez: I’d like to resurface this Topic to include you Analysis and Sage observations. Just don’t have the Time now I got 3 new Topics in research now. Let me suggest you take this issue on and float it under your handle. If I bump the original thought in the initial Topic it will just get passed over or ignored. The Dev’s & Controller boss raked the idea over the coals and frightened members away . New blood & a fleashed out procedure will get a lot of attention. Give it a shot. Regards, Max

Don’t give up James!

Use the Report button and hope some pilots do the same.

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no, I’ve not even tried ATC. I’m curious to do so but don’t want to muck it up.

where is the report button?


it can get frustrating ,the only solution is to get on Expert server, or[ extreem patience] learning flightsim is not a pretty thing, learning all the rules and etiquette, can take time. Take videos of them and have a laugh.


I need to find an iOS recorder lol… I finally made grade three though. Have been hanging out in parking watching/listening…

I’ve tried ATC since starting this, hats off to those willing to do it for hours on end. Also, I agree with ghosting in principle, but some on here have been ghosted because their kids sneaked in on their device. I have three boys, I can empathize…

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