Heavies @ KORD / Noon Rush / August 2nd

This took me a while to get out but hey here it is. So a few Sundays ago I got to go spotting at the beautiful Chicago O’Hare. I stayed for about 3-4 hours to watch the evening rush of heavies. I was posted up at the Metra Station right under the 28C ILS path, so I hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed taking them. I was unable to edit these just an FYI

Air China Cargo 747 coming in from ANC

Daily Atlas Air 747 in from ANC

A surprising SAS A330 in from Copenhagen

China Cargo 77F in from ANC

An Astral Aviation landing from FRA

A UA 772 from IAH… Old or new livery guys?

Might be the last Delta 772 I see… landing from FRA

China Airlines Cargo in from ANC
A very cool Austrian 767 in from Vienna

and last buttttt not least…

The infamous Lufthansa 747!

Thx for viewing, there will be more topics from me as I spot more!
Also I have some more unique angles and some pictures I couldn’t post because of the 10 picture limit… you can DM to see!


Very beautiful shots !


Those are amazing photos!

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Thanks guys! I enjoyed taking them!

Old livery for sure. Great pics!

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I agree… thanks for the kind words

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Great pics bro!

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Thank you!!!

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Really cool pictures! The colours are great, especially on the Atlas and LH B747s as well as the Austrian B777.

Thanks for sharing!

Great Pictures! Why is the Lufthansa 747 Infamous?

No problem! I agree these pictures do have great color!

Thx! I used the wrong word sorry!

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Wow these are great shots mate! What camera do you use?

Thank you!!! Means a lot! I currently use a Cannon with a 55-250 mm lens

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Cool photos!
I was there the 14th and had to taxi around the ENTIRE airport after landing on RYW 09L or as I like to call it the Regional Aircraft runway. It was cool, but I had a short connection time 😂
ORD is a great airport!

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Wow that’s the same that I use haha

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Yes I will agree that is a dreadful taxi. lol pls tell me u weren’t flying AA cause that’s even longer than the UA 😂

Yes I was. I have a pictures to prove it too 😂

It’s because there’s construction right?

Wow!! I was tracking that Lufthansa, and austrian into ORD! 🤣