Heavies in Southern California [Spotting at LAX]

Hey! Spotting at LAX airport is definitely one of the best things to do for avgeeks, especially with commercial traffic coming back but also many cargo airlines operating rare flights there! Being one of the largest cargo hubs in the US, a lot of 747s flew in which was great to see, especially since many other airlines have begun retiring them.

Now onto the pictures!

Starting off the topic is an ANA 777 coming in after a cargo-only flight from Tokyo-Haneda! Most flights coming from Asia use the North runways, so I was pretty happy to see that ATC had vectored this one for 25L, where I was standing. This aircraft also features the “Tomo Dachi” decal, and is the only 777 to do so in their fleet!

Next came a plane I was especially excited to see, an Asia Pacific 757! Recently, they’ve been operating quite a few flights to the US with cargo on board. This aircraft flew in from Seattle, and later departed to Honolulu!

Latam recently resumed a 1x weekly passenger service from Santiago to Los Angeles but is also operating cargo flights from Lima and Mexico City! Here’s one of their 787s about to touch down in Los Angeles

The next day, Japan Airlines flew one of their more ~interesting liveries, known as the Arashi Jet. This aircraft was originally vectored for runway 24R, but the pilots requested a switch to 25L so they have more runway to slow down!

As the sun set, I decided to move to a different spot to see this! This was a passenger flight operating as PR102 from Manila, and also switched to 25s because its gate was closer to that runway

Pacific Air is a subsidiary of Kalitta Air, and they operate one of their 747s almost exclusively between Honolulu, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles, which means they land and depart in the late night. That day, there was an equipment swap and this aircraft flew to Stewart instead, giving me the perfect opportunity to see this plane

The next day, I went to Westchester during golden hour to see a couple widebodies. United normally goes to the South runways but because of a high volume of inbound aircraft, they were vectored to the 24s! Here’s their Continental livery 772 just a couple inches off the ground after a flight from Newark!

Due to a delay, this Singapore A350 arrived about an hour late, but I tried my luck panning and think it turned out pretty okay for handheld. This flight operated SQ32 from SIN, and is their only service to the US currently.

Fiji is another airline operating cargo-only flights to Los Angeles with commercial planes, and here’s one of their new A350s on final for 25L! The lighting on this one wasn’t great, but I was glad to have seen it.

And to end this topic, a National Airlines 747 approaching Los Angeles from Hong Kong via Alaska! National does not normally fly here so this was a surprise, but of course some clouds decided to come out and didn’t make for the best shot

Thanks for checking out my topic, and I hope you liked the shots!

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ANA? Yes. Hotel? Trivago.


Amazing shots. Best I’ve seen from you man

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these are spicyyyy

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Damn bro these are absolutely fantastic! That Philippines A359 is hawt

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Thanks! The PAL A350 was definitely a highlight of the trip

Thank you! I was very happy with some of these shots, hope to get even better


UA 772 lit very very nice shots


Thanks! I very happy with how that one turned out too


@GlobalFlyer1 great shots, love all the beautiful A350 shots!!! :)

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I saw that Pacific Air Cargo parked there yesterday on the south side of the field. Great shots!

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These are beautiful photos! That Singapore A350 photo is amazing!


Thank you! The A350 is a “photogenic” plane

Thanks, the Pacific 747 stayed for about 3 days in LAX before departing to Honolulu so I guess they skipped flights for the long weekend.

Thank you! I was very happy with how that turned out too

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Gotta love National Airlines! Partially because I fly for the owner.😂 great photos!

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Thanks! A very cool livery to see, unfortunate that clouds came just before the flight arrived

Glad to see the ANA 77W! Looks really really really nice :)
I do have to mention, I believe JA779A also has the Tomo Dachi decal.

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Thanks, and my bad, I wasn’t aware that they had a second one… I’ll definitely be on the lookout for that and see if it ever visits

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Yep, it came to SFO, so hopefully it’ll be back soon!

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Wow, those are some nice shots!

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Thank you! Glad you liked them

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