Heavies in SoCal [Spotting at LAX]

May 23, 2020

Hey! With my school closing recently, I decided to take a road trip down to Los Angeles and spend a day there spotting, and then I drove back up. I tried a couple of locations and none of them were too great due to heat haze, but after a little bit of random driving around, I came across a parking garage very close to 24L and 24R. I was pretty happy to see a lot of specials inbound that day, but as I arrived around 12:00 p.m., I missed quite a few unfortunately. Here are some special shots I got!

To start off the day was one of the only aircraft I got at this location without too much heat haze or any poles in the way, and it was a Delta 772 from Seoul. Unfortunately, this aircraft will be retired by the end of the year by Delta, as this bird is already 20 years old.

Now that I moved to a new location, one of the first heavies I saw was this 787 operating as Hainan Airlines 769 from Chongqing. It was one of the many Hainan aircraft that flew there that day, with more coming from Changsha and Shenzhen.

Another 787-9 came shortly after from Seoul operated by Korean Air, but this one was a passenger flight which will soon be switched to the 777.

Eva Air is one of the few carriers still operating passenger flights from Asia to the West Coast, and currently serves Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Here’s one of their 777s still in the old livery on short final from Taipei.

According to FlightRadar24, this flight was about 1 hour and 13 minutes–pretty short for a flight all the way from Beijing! Here’s B-2006 operating a cargo-only flight in the “Love China” livery.

As the sun set, my pictures became a little more backlit, but here’s a China Eastern A332 in the “People’s Daily Online” livery, operating another cargo-only flight but from Shenzhen.

Virgin Atlantic is currently operating flights to Los Angeles from Dublin and London, both mostly for cargo. Here’s their first A350, Red Velvet, approaching 24R after a long flight from London.

KLM is yet another airline flying flights with 777s solely with cargo, so here’s one of their 777s in the old livery after a flight from Amsterdam. The aircraft was also painted with the 100 years logo, which will be removed beginning next year.

And an aircraft I was really happy to see, was this China Southern A380 from Guangzhou. At the time, this was the only A380 flying in the entire world, so it was a pretty cool catch.

And to end the topic, a beacon shot of the China Southern A380 on short final with hazy Los Angeles in the background.

Thanks for viewing my topic! Though I couldn’t stay for much longer because it was getting dark, I thought I got some pretty good shots!

Also please note that I was wearing a mask and social distancing, I do not recommend going outside without a mask and meeting up with others for now!

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Saw that flight on FR24 last saturday, nice pics btw

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They are lovely!!! Nice job :)

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I loved the pictures ! Awesome spotting!

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Thank you!

Glad you liked them, thanks!


Many planes flying from China are really great!

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Yep, very nice to see China’s aviation industry recovering, though most of the flights were only for cargo

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Great pictures all around! Somewhat moving to see the great A380. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you! It is very nice to see the A380 still flying with an airline, showing the industry is slowly recovering

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Looks like you got some awesome shots! I’ll be spotting this week so stay tuned for a topic! 😉

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Good stuff. That lens seems to be working pretty well.

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Awesome Photos!!

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Woo those are some great pictures!! Love them!

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While outdoors and alone lol

Great pics man!

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Sad to see that they aren’t flying the 747 into la anymore.

It was only half a year ago I took of from la in a blue queen…


thats hot.

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Thank you everyone!

Clout achieved

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pretty cool to see an A380 up in the skies , hopefully one day i’ll get a chance to fly aboard one IRL . I stay in the LA area , thinking about doing some spotting of my own . great pictures btw

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Thanks, hopefully the A380 is still flying with a good amount of airlines after this is over!